OIR project

Giulio Scaramella      – piano
Giovanni Perin          – vibes
Marco Trabucco        – doublebass
Max Trabucco            – drums 
special guests: 
Mirko Cisilino – trumpet on tracks 1/2/3/4/6
Tommaso Troncon – tenor sax on tracks 1/3/4/6 
Primo premio al “Chicco Bettinardi – miglio opera prima”
Con l’omonimo disco della collana Skyline edita dalla Abeat Records,
sono vincitori del concorso Nazionale Chicco Bettinardi 2015/2016
aggiudicandosi il premio come “Miglior opera prima”. 

The Oirquartett is a well-established and active group since 2011 which consists of four talented musicians who, once again, give confirmation of the great vitality of Italian jazz scene today, standing out as one of the most significant band. A quartet modern, with sounds and idioms that, starting from the Afro-American tradition, are characterized by European cultural moods.Original compositions, experimental timbres, innovative technique and imagination in the use of new musical languages. The contributions of the guests Mirco Cisilino on trumpet and Tommaso Troncon on tenor sax, embellish and enrich the musical work , thanks to their deep expressiveness, making listening to this album, very pleasant and interesting.

Giulio Scaramella      – piano
Marco Trabucco        – doublebass
Max Trabucco            – drums 
very special guests: Klaus Gesing – soprano sax / bass clarinet  
The Italian fluid music scene always gives us some interesting news that testify to a unique ability to know how to regenerate itself with originality, manifesting especially by surprising compositional and technical skills. In summary, the ability to propose always new artists and music, with respect of language and of the roots of jazz and carrying a sign of evolution and modernity.
Oirtrio is a classic example. Musicians with solid technical, who have studied and metabolized the tradition and at the same time are holders of a new stylistic synthesis whose figure speaks of influences, colors and flavors from all latitudes.
This album,titled “making friends”, is notable for the high quality of compositions, the interplay between the musicians, rhythmically solid. Excellent soloists, where the lyrical vein is further stigmatized by the excellent work of Klaus Gesing on bass clarinet and soprano sax. A truly amazing debut.


Recorded, mixed and mastered at Artesuono Studio, Cavalicco (UD), Italy, by Stefano Amerio.

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