Marco Trabucco – doublebass / compositions

Gianluca Carollo          –    flughelhorn
Matteo Alfonso            –     piano
Andrea Ghezzo            –     guitar
Luca Colussi                 –    drum

The title of this new album project by Abeat immediately reveals the author’s intent: a story that unfolds slowly and inexorably up to conquer the ‘imaginary listener almost like in a hypothetical journey in which, gradually, “step by stage “,you can meet new landscapes (sound), new suggestions.
Delicate and circular themes are leaving wide room for imagination. An evocative music that buys solid consistency, track after track, “step by step”, different flavors, colors, thoughts and perfumes. A recording session of very high profile with an extreme audiophile sound ! 


“Un musicista maturo e sensibile” – Umberto Fiorentino

“Trabucco si esprime con incantevole grazia, adornando il suo sermone improvvisativo con profondo lirismo” – Stefano Dentice

Recorded  at Artesuono studios, Cavalicco (UD), Italy, by Stefano Amerio.
Mixed and mastered by Stefano Amerio at Artesuono Studio, Cavalicco (UD).
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