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Marco Trabucco: doublebass / compositions
Federico Casagrande: guitar
Giulio Scaramella: piano
Luca Colussi: drums

Many are the reasons why I would hesitate to accept the invitation to write the blurb for a new cd; it is always tricky to speak about colleagues, especially as I harbour so many doubts about my own capabilities and about the whole point of making music, and jazz music even more so, nowadays.In consenting to express my views about this new work from Marco Trabucco and his companions in adventure, I have therefore decided to play down the idea of “judgement”, and do it with lightness, as it should be.Apart from Federico Casagrande, who is, I believe, one of the finest guitarists in the world, I did not know these musicians, and they all came across very positively, inspiring my esteem and respect as fully fledged artistic personalities, after an initial hint of surprise as they are young enough to be my children.This is music at its best, with a stylistic uniformity of sound and composition that creates a distinctive identity, seamless whilst diverse, where melody, harmony and rhythm flow freely, and no one wants to go a step too far or to push the boundaries. These musicians have both experience and good taste to spare, and put them at the service of the music narration; they possess a robust, yet never flaunted, technique: in one word, they have all I would normally ask for from accomplished fellow performers.I believe that, on this occasion, Marco Trabucco “plays” the quartet rather than the double bass, and this is what puts “Meraki” on the same wavelength as my work of recent years.

Enzo Pietropaoli



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1. Untitled
2. Open space
3. Meraki
4. Flavia
5. Tale for a princes
6. One for Max
7. Romanza


Recorded @t Artesuono studios, Cavalicco (UD), Italy, by Stefano Amerio.
Mixed and mastered by Stefano Amerio at Artesuono Studio, Cavalicco (UD).